Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach, Florida, an unincorporated community on Santa Rosa Island, is part of a 150-mile stretch of barrier islands that run from Mississippi to Florida. Accessible by bridge, downtown Pensacola is 11 miles away. A boardwalk lies on the landward side along Casino Beach. Fort Pickens, built in 1834, sits at the western end of the island.

Because of a 1947 deed from the United States Department of Interior, businesses and residents are long-term leaseholders, not property owners. Pensacola Beach is one of the best-rated beaches in America. The sand is very white and the water is clear blue, one of the prettiest natural beaches for fun or relaxation.

The population of Pensacola Beach ranges from over 5,000 persons during peak tourist times to under 2,500 during the off-season. The climate of Pensacola Beach is subtropical with short, mild winters and hot, rather humid summers. Living on the water, however, provides a cool Gulf breeze during humid days