Located in Santa Rosa county of Florida close to the Alabama border, the Town of Jay is the perfect place to experience the quintessential small town feel. With historical traces dating back to farming communities settled in the area in the early 1900’s, Jay continues to bask in the glory of its green farmlands, discernible neighborhood feeling, and picturesque natural setting. Nestled on a highland overlooking the Escambia River, the Town of Jay derives its name from its first postmaster J.T. Nowling.

The community, incorporated in 1951, has been able to sustain its charming small-town appeal despite progressive economic growth and energetic social influx. The centennial celebrations in 2002 amid grooving music and festive events showcased the coexistence of flourishing economic activities with the typical small town social life, historical heritage, and individual-centrist administration.

Rich farmland well-known for offering substantial scope for agriculture and livestock has been the mainstay of the economy for the last one century. Royalties worth $400 million from oil wells discovered in the 1970’s have empowered the Jay administration to benevolently build up infrastructure, civic utilities, recreation complexes, tourist attractions, and a host of public services in and around the scenic town.

Jay continues its economic journey with serene community life and without giving up its inspiring small-town ambiance. It offers ample scope for businesses, tourists, residents, and families to become part of the sustainable development process, prosper with its sophisticated traditions, and enjoy the vibrant community life. The town hosts Peanut Festival in the Autumn. via The Town of Jay